Risk Disclosure

Financial PTY. and its employees, associates and accredited third-party services providers will be referred herein as “Company”, “our”, “us”, “we”.

The information we provide, including but not limited to, our website, newsletter, brochures, phone calls, etc., is not to be seen or interpreted as a direct invitation to invest as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act (2000). The true substance isn’t really comprehensive and isn’t ensured as to its timeliness or accuracy. You should avoid going into trades unless you completely understand the terms and risks associated with entering such trades.

The risk of incurring losses when trading any type of financial instruments, local or international, is significant, along these lines, a carefully executed due diligence on your behalf is highly recommended. You should consider very carefully your personal financial circumstances and asset allocation capabilities. You should pay close attention to the following aspects:

1. When entering a trade, you may incur losses including but not limited to your entire financial participation. Should you enter a trade highly leveraged there is a possibility that, aside from your cash allocation for that trade, losses can extend beyond the position you took and you may be required to deposit additional funds to cover said loss.

2. The funds deposited for trading purposes are not protected by insurance should a bankruptcy, insolvency or misappropriation event involving our firm take place.

3. The estimation of returns resulted from the trades you may enter, may change and a financial specialist may not get back the sum initially contributed. Past execution does not offer guarantees for what future trades may yield. The investment vehicles alluded to right now, may not suit everybody and if all else fails a speculator should look for counsel from a certified speculation consultant.

4. We shall not be liable for any losses investors may incur as a result of utilizing information that was obtained from our promotional material.